Anything but Harper becomes anything but Harper & Trudeau in Canada

Canada usually follows the US by 8 to 10 years in most things. A product available in the US will find it’s way onto Canadian shelves  8-10 years later. The same applies to politics.

As the US was saying farewell to George Bush Canada handed their equivalent, Steven Harper, a majority. Harper is a man who once told the National post that Albertan’s should take a page from Quebec and use separation as a tactic to get what they want. He lambasted the government in power for not embarking in the Iraq war with Bush. Harper in 2010 pushed through the Security and prosperity pact in as much non transparency as he could muster. In 2015 he is attempting to ram through bill C-51. A law designed for an Orwellian State. He has so much allegiance to democracy that he wants to keep the bill from having a second reading in parliament. A supreme lack of integrity and judgement at every turn. Whereas Canada was once recognized as a nation of peace loving people the nation is now recognized as a US puppet on all things military and commerce.

At the end of the day.



At the end of George Bush’s reign the corporate media gave Americans hope of change with the arrival of Obama.

After being awarded the Nobel Peace prize he proceeded to open wars on more fronts than Bush. He renewed and extended the patriot acts, He has jailed more whistle-blowers, he has kept more documents secret and he has issued fewer pardons than any president in history.

The media stated that he was the man of the people. Unfortunately what they did not mention was that they were talking about GoldmanSach’s people. Wall street was given trillions of future tax payers money in an  unprecedented bailout of the people who control the economy.

As we watch the Canadian media it can be seen that they are gearing up to give Canadians their Obama.

Justin Trudeau the leader of the liberal party is being given an amazing amount of coverage for someone who has never demonstrated anything special even though he is not the leader of the current government or the official opposition.

Trudeau, in supporting Harper with Bill C-51, has shown a complete disdain for his fathers work. A Canadian has a 1 in 3 800 000 chance of being affected by terrorism. Yet the government insists on investing time and resources in related initiatives when roads are full of holes and schools are underfunded. Like the US, Canada is seeing a surge in spending in the security complex with budgets doubling over 10 years.

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When Washington told Steven Harper to build an NSA equivalent he proceeded with the construction of a multi-billion dollar Spy hub near Ottawa. No one ever asked where the technology powering the new construction came from. Mr Harper apparently forgot to check the laws and see that it could not operate legally. Edward Snowden’s documents show that it has not stopped the agencies from doing what they want but it would seem the legalization of such illegal activities would be best and thus we have Bill C-51.

Trudeau’s father, Pierre Elliot, brought Canadians a charter of rights and freedoms. They existed prior to his arrival but he had them entrenched in the constitution as the US had a Bill of Rights. There was only one reason to do this and it was to protect the people from government. Now the son, Justin, in a show of complete ignorance of history and the functions of government has suggested that Bill C-51 could be enacted with proper government oversight. He ignores the fact that he may not be the next leader and that the future leader could be a tyrannical minded idiot who manages to get 32% of the vote and control of the government. Both Adolf Hitler and Steven Harper have gained control of government with such support in a representative democracy with multi-party participation.

The Canadian spy agency, CSIS, as well as various police agencies have been caught in false flags against the population. This illegal conduct was never dealt with and these are the people that Trudeau proposes giving more power to.

At the end of the day:

Obama and Trudeau


Einstein said

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

The only way things can change for the better is if Canadians do something different and in this case that means voting for anything but Harper or Trudeau. Americans are only given two options, Republican or Democrat. Canadians have a few other choices. It will be interesting to see if they will have the courage to express an independent opinion from the corporate media.