1) The Myth: 911 Was the Act of Islamic Extremists


The Myth: 9/11 Was the Act of Islamic Extremists

Fact:  Two planes hit downtown New York and three steel frame buildings collapsed.

Fact: The Twin Towers were designed to take the impact of a plane larger than those reported to have hit them.

Fact:  All three buildings collapsed at near free-fall which goes against the expected laws of physics.

Fact:  The media reported that it was fire that initiated the collapse, yet the steel that the buildings were constructed of was not subjected to the temperatures required to melt steel. Laboratory tests performed by the government and independent agencies have shown the fire theory to be false.

Fact: The total mass of the buildings at Ground Zero was less than 30% of what should have been present given a building collapse.

Fact: the recorded cell phone calls that were made from passengers on the planes were impossible given the reported altitude as verified by experimentation.

Behold a Pale Horse - Milton William Cooper

Behold a Pale Horse – Milton William Cooper

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