9) Chemtrails


Myth: Crazy people who wear tin foil hats believe the government is spraying the planet in order to reduce the population by suppressing the immune system in conjunction with the release of bio-weapons.

Fact: Government agencies have proposed spraying the skies using aircraft, in order to create a shield to block what they have decided are harmful rays.

Fact: Aluminum oxide and barium have been detected in water supplies and in the expulsions from aircraft.

Fact: Western governments have tested biological weapons on the public by spraying viruses from aircraft as far back as 1958 up until today.

Fact: Weather modification for military purposes has been a part of American plans since the 1950’s.

Fact: The HAARP facility in Alaska has the capability of modifying the weather.

For more information go to chapter 9 in the book Wiki vs NWO

Former USDA inspector, Rosalind Peterson speaks at the United Nations forum on Global Warming. Referred by:  truththeory.com

Haarp: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy (Mind-Control Conspiracy)

Haarp: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy (Mind-Control Conspiracy)

angels don't play this haarp

Angels don’t play this HAARP