CCRF is posting this excellent review of previous research which has been carried out on the “Genuine” Crop Circles over the past years, written by Dr. John Horn, M.D. from Kentucky.

If you will read Dr. Horn’s review, you will no longer think of all Crop Circles as human generated hoaxes that do not warrant your attention. You will realize that you are not alone, and that there are many other very bright individuals who are now paying attention to these miraculous summer crop season events. You will realize just how important it is that we follow this Phenomenon to its origin, for therein we will discover some truths which will send our world in a new and positive direction.

(As an addendum to Dr. Horn’s review, I would like to direct your attention to the BLT Research Team and their excellent website at http:/ Nancy Talbott, William C. Levengood, and the BLT Research Team have sacrificed enormous amounts of their time, energy, and personal bank accounts in a scientifically based approach to their research of the Crop Circles. BLT is responsible for essentially all of the peer-reviewed and published scientific work that has been done to date in Crop Circle research, and we all are indebted to Nancy Talbott and the BLT team for their persistent efforts in search of the truth behind the extraordinary Crop Circle Phenomenon.

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