Chemical attack in Syria should trigger UN war crimes probe: Editorial

After watching Syrian President Bashar Assad unleash warplanes on the people of Damascus, massacre people in Houla, rain down Scud missiles on Aleppo and commit ethnic cleansing in Banias, the world might have thought it had seen the worst of Syria’s vicious civil war. But no. The presumed chemical attack on a Damascus suburb this week plumbed new depths of depravity, and sealed the case for a United Nations war crimes probe.

Relentlessly, Assad’s warplanes struck repeatedly at Damascus’ western suburbs on Thursday and his troops trained their artillery on apartment blocks as terror-stricken residents struggled to cope with the horrors inflicted on them a day earlier as rockets and shells struck in the pre-dawn hours.

If confirmed as a chemical attack, this would be by far the worst yet in this war. It left entire families sprawled dead in their apartments, as if in sleep. Weeping doctors frantically tried to save small children who were screaming in agony and gasping for breath. One told of seeing 50 children dead. Glassy-eyed adults trembled in death throes. Others lay on stretchers, shaking uncontrollably and vomiting. Makeshift morgues were crowded with long lines of white-shrouded bodies. And mass graves were dug to bury the dead.

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