Funny thing about Trumps banned Muslim Countries.


Travel ban and bombed
















Funny thing about Trumps Travel Ban on Muslims. It doesn’t affect the two countries guilty of attacking the US. On 911 the 19 supposed terrorist came from which country ? Oh yeah Saudi Arabia. The number one country for exporting terrorists as well as having the worst human rights record on the planet. I guess that is why they sit on the UN human rights panel backed by the US. The second country is Israel. The only country in history to attack the US and have absolutely zero retaliation. Most american citizens are ignorant of the fact that Israel attacked the USS Liberty for 9 hours in June 1967. It is just another cover up in American history where Israel tried to sink an american war ship with the intention of blaming Egypt so that America would attack Egypt.

How do you think the veterans on that ship feel about their government abandoning them?

Did you know that the NYPD arrested Mossad agents the morning of 911 ?

Take a look at the documented false flag attacks then verify how many are either US, Israeli and how many are by Muslim countries on the banned list.