If people do not have skin in the game then they will resist getting the people back their freedom.

Government workers are home with full pay while the private sector gets demolished.

Canadian private sector has been mandated by governments to stay home as they are non-essential. All of these people have been receiving $2000 a month. Meanwhile they say we are all in this together but one of the largest sectors of the economy is at home with full pay. If we are to be in this together then all government workers who are at home and no longer delivering service for the tax dollars paid should also be on the $2000 a month pay. A fundamental principle is if you do not get service you do not need to pay.This includes the 287 000 federal government employees of which many are not currently producing and at the provincial levels teachers and the members of the other 20 ministries which are operating at reduced capacity. The private sector will be saddled with paying back their own debt as well as the cost of these people sitting at home on full salary pushing for the extension of the lockdown since it is of no cost to them. Let’s all be in this together. Take a look at this study from 5 years ago on the distribution of wealth between the private and public.

Go to the following link to sign the petition and hold them accountable.