The Worst Narco-State in History? After 13-Year War, Afghanistan’s Opium Trade Floods the Globe

The following story and interview between Amy Goodman and Matthieu Aikins shows how the heroine has once again flourished under US alphabet agencies in Afghanistan. What should be noted is that this production which accounts for 90% of the world heroine trade indicates how much global production has increased. The question is where is it going? As it happens Russia is fighting a serious increase in Heroine usage in it’s borders. In other words heroine is being used as another weapon by the US to wage war on Russia.


In the 13 years since the United States invaded Afghanistan in 2001, the country’s opium production has doubled, now accounting for about 90 percent of the world’s supply. To learn more, we are joined by Matthieu Aikins, a Kabul-based journalist whose latest report for Rolling Stone magazine explores Afghanistan’s heroin boom. “What has happened in Afghanistan over the last 13 years has been the flourishing of a narco-state that is really without any parallel in history,” Aikins says. “This is something that is extraordinary, that is catastrophic, that has grave danger for the future and yet there has been virtually no discussion of in recent years.”